Karanta Bokeh Backgrounds


Included in this set are 24 bokeh backgrounds 3000 x 3000 pixel / 300 dpi / png

::::: This is a merchant resource, but it is not to be redistributed AS IS :::::

You need to add these images to your own designs.

For example:

Use these background, add a character / a scene to it, paint on it - that's fine.
You can use such finished images for private and commercial projects.

You may not resell the graphics unless part of a flattened image, but not as a competing product.
You may not redistribute this package as it is or any of the files included in it.
You may not make brushes with these files.
You may not use any of these images to make images you want to sell at stock agencies.
You may not use any of these graphics to make freestuff.

For Scrapbook designers:

You may not under any circumstances include these designs as thery are in your own scrap kits.


Files needed to use this product but not included:

A file extraction utility program for extracting .zip files
Any program that can utilize .png files


Mac - User Information

Usually there should not be any problems with this set. But just in case:

If the default Mac decompression utility ('BOMArchiveHandler') says that it can't decompress the downloaded ZIP file, there are two things to do.

1. Use a different decompression utility. Either Stuffit Expander or any of several free- and shareware utilities which can expand ZIP files, should be able to correctly extract the contents of the ZIP.

2. In the Finder, select the ZIP archive and choose 'Get Info' from the File menu. In the 'Ownership and Permissions' section of the Info window, click the 'Show Details' disclosure triangle; set your current user account and the current group to have 'Read and Write' permissions.

You may need to enter an admin password in order to authorize this,but you should then be able to properly extract all the files from the ZIP.