AtoZ WWI Trench Extra #1 - Sniper Shield no1 v1 by Tiger9166
Here's a quickie/(usually)freebie form AtoZ. It's a World War I Sniper's Shield. It's a heavy metal plate that you can prop up most easily with our twig02 that comes in our Trench Terrain Model!

Of course you can prop it up with anything you want.

This Sniper's Shield has an articulate gun port that can be rotated so you can get your rifle through the plate and look through your sights or sniper scope.
Usually free ... regular price $1.99
Set comes with one .obj file, one poser 7+ figure file and a nice rusty texture and bump file ... That's it... None of the Promo Items are included... JUST the Sniper's Shield.
Hint: I got the rifle in the promo from and the french soldier's helmet from
ENJOY! ... Should you also purchase the AtoZ WWI Trench warfare set to your library ... Thank you in advance!
Legal Stuff:
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License file included.
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