Antonias Wardrobe


The_Antonia_Wardrobe is a random collection of 39 mesh models of clothing items for Antonia Standard and Antonia_WM. The items are all made in Marvelous Designer 2 or later. The UV maps are flat and un-stretched so you can add your own textures with ease using seamless textures. (did I already say they are un-textured?) Most items were specially made for Antonia by myself, working either from existing real life pattterns or from fantasy. Some items were re-fitted for Antonia from standard MD clothing items from the old store, purchased at the time with rights that I understand to cover this distribution. I made every effort not to include any items I would not be eligible to distribute. If there is any item in this collection you think you hold rights to please let me know so we can discuss. The meshes are provided as-is. They may or may not be easy to convert to dynamic or conforming clothing. They come with no warranty or guarantee whatsoever. They load into the Geometry folder. There are no library files included. Use at your own risk for your own commercial or non-commercial projects. If you want to re-distribute please contact me first.