AtoZ WWI Trench Warfare #1 v1 Tiger9166
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AtoZ WWI Trench Terrain 1 PLUS v1from Tiger9166
This large terrain was custom made in Carrara v8 for your enjoyment. The Terrain included both sides of the battle. It has two Front line trenches juxtaposed across no man's land to one another. Each trench has listening posts, firing stands and passageways between the Front line and the reserve trench and includes "dead end" passageways back away from the reserve trenches.

Also Included are Beams, Stick fillers, and a sand bag. Not to mention 4 Crossed Stakes configurations to support the included "Bend-able" BarbWire or the included "Stiff" barbwire sections.

Bonuses include: A two times spiral loop of ERC(dial) controlled barb wire figure, a figure pre-load of a four section fully barbwired barracade and the same as a pre-load prop.

BTW: This is a very large terrain scaled up 6.5 times and it takes quite a while to load!

Also, you will find that if your library includes DAZ Studio and Projection Shaders (Not included) that a rock projection shader tiled to 20x makes for a great texture for renders as you can see in the promo pics that include notes about the included shader and the DAZ stuio ones.
WOW did I forget to mention there is a "starter" WWI USA Doughboy Helmet included and one smart propped for P3DA LoRes Males.
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    Figures included:
  • Barb Wire W Supp 4Xs
  • Barb Wire 100 Flex
  • Metal 100 2X Loop
  • Rusty 100 2X Loop
  • SP 100 2X Loop
  • Twig Bunch 05

    Props included:
  • WWI Trench 01 <<<< The Terrain!
  • Barb Wire 01
  • Barb Wire 02
  • Barb Wire 03
  • Barb Wire Full 4Xs
  • Barb Wire Section 1
  • Barb Wire Section 4X
  • Crossed 2n3n4 2X
  • Crossed Support 01
  • Crossed Support 02
  • Crossed Support 03
  • Crossed Support 04
  • Crosses 2n3n4
  • Sand
  • Bag 01
  • Twig Bunch 01
  • Twig Bunch 02
  • Twig Bunch 03
  • Twig Bunch 04
  • Twig Bunch 05
  • Twig01
  • Twig02
  • Twig03
  • Twig04
  • WWI Helmet US
  • WWI Smart US Helmet
  • (in >Construction>Crane Plus) Plank 2x4x36
  • (in >Construction>Crane Plus) Plank 8x8x144
  • (in >Construction>Crane Plus) Plank 8x8x144-2

Files found in:
Figures in: Runtime>Libraries>Character>
Props in: Runtime>Libraries>Props>
>Construction>Crane Plus

Geometries (some are embedded) in: Runtime>TJM>Geometries

Textures in: Runtime>TJM>Textures

Legal Stuff:
Copyright 2016 Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc. aka: Tiger9166 & AtoZ All Rights Reserved
License file included.
Note: Photos, Buildings, 3D Terrains, Vehicles, Characters, Animals, Zombies, Muzzle Flashes and other items seen in the Product Images and videos that are NOT listed above are NOT included! This set only includes the AtoZ files contained in the Directories listed above.