AtoZ Industrial Merchant Resource 6 v1 by Tiger9166


AtoZ Industrial Merchant Resource 6 v1 by Tiger9166
Talk about a unique Industrial Themed Merchant Resource ... Check out the Promo Pic! ... Included are several insanely complex cutouts have been done to offer you these Transparent background Hi-Res PNG Resource files. I know that you'll find interesting ways to use these. Please use my e-mail below to let me know what you've done with these to enhance your textures, products and renders!
Retail Price $22.95 almost always on sale!
    This REsource includes these Hi-Res Files:
  • DoorExteriorMetal_03.png
  • DoorExteriorMetal_04.png
  • DoorExteriorMetal_05.png
  • DoorExteriorMetal_06.png
  • DoorExteriorMetaPLUSl_01.png
  • ElecrticalBoxExterior_01.png
  • ElectricMeterExterior_01.png
  • GasRegulatorIndustrial_01.png
  • InsideDockDoor_01.png
  • LoadingDockDownRamp_01.png
  • LoadingDoor_06.png
  • LoadingDoor_07.png
  • LoadingDoor_08.png
  • LoadingDoor_09.png
  • OutDoorAlarmBell_1.png (lo-res)
  • SignWornWashedOut_01.png
  • StormSewerOutletFrozen_01.png
  • WallAccessBox_01.png
  • WallAirCondUnitExt01.png
  • WallPlateInoperative_01.png
  • WindowExteriorThreePanesVert_01.png

I hope you add these to your libraries and make some really cool products using them ... Enjoy!
Copyright 2016 Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc. -

Only the files listed above are included in this product.