Vintage Robot (for Poser)


Inspired by the art deco designs of sci-fi movies such as Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon comes this vintage robot. Is he a soldier, a butler, or a comic sidekick? Use your imagination and put him in any scene you choose!
Includes multiple colors to change the metal surfaces and trim.

.: Product Features :.

Fully poseable, stand-alone Poser figure (obj, cr2/ png), at 82,619 polygons
* Fully rigged with limits set on most parts.
* Neck and chest can move up and down.
* Includes ERC dials on the left and right hands for Grasp.
* Left and right toes can bend up.

.: Materials :.

Nine metallic materials (mt5/ png) are included:
* Blue
* BlueLight
* Gold
* Green
* Orange
* Purple
* Red
* RedLight
* Silver