Horizons SkyCopter Mk1
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Description: The SkyCopter, also known as a Bubbleship, is the primary mode of transportation for the Resource Gatherer Support teams. A mix of a Bell helicopter and a jet fighter, makes this craft extremely versatile and maneuverable. It is also capable of low-orbit space travel.

Mk1 features opening cockpit doors, retractable landing gear, pan-able cockpit, tail rotor spin, rotate-able engine pods and winglets connected to the rudder pedals (when using ERC sliders).

This model was started by someone else, but was redesigned, textured and poserized by MeshWorks. I trust you will find my attention to detail in this re-creation to your satisfaction. As always, if you find discrepancies, let me know through the 'Contact Us' on the MeshWorks homepage.

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