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This is an Industrial themed Merchant Resource Set of nineteen High Resolution Specialty Objects. With these you can, with the use of a program like the Gimp, PhotoShop or other layer image editor create new and unique graphics for your 2D or 3D creations!

As you can see, I demonstrated these being used in the first promo image for this product. These are extremely easy to use. For the AtoZ Massive 4 Section 3 material I modified, all I did was resize and the lower the Brightness so that the images included in this set would blend beautifully into the end result!.

I hope you find these incredibly useful! Enjoy!
Retail Price $16.95 ... Almost always on sale!
The files are in the PNG subdirectory of the zip file.
Thank you in advance if you add this Massive 4 Add-On to your Library!

Legal Stuff:

Copyright 2016 Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc. aka: Tiger9166 & AtoZ All Rights Reserved License file included

Note: This set only includes the AtoZ files contained in the Directories listed above.