Sweet Pumpkin-Dawn


Sweet Pumpkin, looks are so deceiving, she looks sweet but, oh those teeth! Sweet Pumpkin has three body texture styles and a face morph. Her horns have three textures. All textures can be applied with MAT pose files. You need to apply the Sweet Pumpkin INJ pose before loading the earrings or horns. Both were smart-propped to her after the INJ was applied and will not place correctly on the unmorphed V3 model. She has her own throne smart propped to the throne base. To use the smart prop throne, first load the throne base prop and then the throne smart prop. the throne was an experiment in Sculptris and therefore may show some cracks or stuff. It is included only to let you play around and you may edit the throne as needed. And there are are 2 background images as a bonus.