P.I.C.K. Ultimate Bundle


P.I.C.K. Ultimate Bundle

The P.I.C.K. Ultimate bundle includes all 14 P.I.C.K. products in one package at a fantastic savings!

If purchased seperatley you would pay $141.87. Save over 29% when purchasing the P.I.C.K. Ultimate Bundle!

The Poser Indoor Creation Kit, or "PICK", was designed for the accurate, realistic and flexible creation of indoor Poser scenes. The components were modeled to seamlessly integrate with each other while giving the flexibility to create the room YOU want. Modeled in exact scale with extreme accuracy in both models and textures PICK provides the "tools" needed to set up a realistic indoor scene within minutes. Whether you want a small bedroom, a large ballroom or a corridor PICK allows you to build the scene you have in mind rather then being stuck with preset sets.

P.I.C.K. Ultimate Bundle includes:

  • P.I.C.K. SciFi Base
  • P.I.C.K. SciFi Pipes and Cables
  • P.I.C.K. Base
  • P.I.C.K. Georgian Windows Expansion Set
  • P.I.C.K. French Doors Expansion Set
  • P.I.C.K. Stairs Expansion Set
  • P.I.C.K. Bath & Shower Expansion Set
  • P.I.C.K. Kitchen Expansion Set
  • P.I.C.K. Spiral Stairs Expansion Set
  • P.I.C.K. Windows Expansion Set
  • P.I.C.K. Lockers Expansion Set
  • P.I.C.K. Wall Paneling Expansion Set
  • P.I.C.K. Clocks
  • P.I.C.K. Dining Set
  • HTML Based User Manuals for both P.I.C.K. SciFi and P.I.C.K. Base
  • Over 425 Modular Building Components
  • Over 1,450 Material Presets
PC/MAC Compatible Poser 6 and up