AtoZ Soulless Outfit Free Add-On 1 v1 from Tiger9166


AtoZ Soulless Outfit Free Add-On 1 v1 from Tiger9166
NO .OBJs - You must own the Genesis 3 Female Souless Outfit!
Best Price EVER $1.99! ... BUT ... Usually FREE!
This is a very simple add-on and only includes two transparency map textures for the Genesis 3 Female Souless Outfit. Now I liked the original look of this outfit BUT I figured that you'd like the cool transpanency maps I made for the Top and Pants.

You'll find two .jpg screen grabs that show how to modity the Top and Pants in the Readme's/TJM/for Soulless directory.
    Simple set includes two texture maps found in (or loaded from):
      Users/Public/My DAZ 3D Library/Runtime/Textures/Sarsa/Souless
    • sSoulessPantsT2.jpg
    • sSoulessTopT2.jpg
  • Also find included two screen grab .jpg that show you how to use these textures on the Soulless Outfit!

I hope your ghouls and zombies enjoy!

ENJOY! ... Thank You if you do add this set to your library!
Legal Stuff:

Copyright 2016 Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc. aka: Tiger9166 & AtoZ

License file included.
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