Elementalist (V4) (for Poser)


Cast a spell with this fantasy outfit. Perfect for use for good spells or casting evil curses.
This outfit includes multiple parts, which makes it easy to customize. Or combine it with other outfits for a completely different look.

.: Product Features :.

* Poser figures: obj, cr2/ png:
- Belt, at 333 polygons.
- Boots, at 4,562 polygons.
- Costume, at 11,535 polygons.
The cape parts includes ERC dials for Twist All, Side to Side All, and Bend All.
The hood is designed to cover the head and can not be lowered.
- Sash, at 216 polygons.

Each clothing is a separate figure, which makes it easy to add or remove pieces that you need.

.: Textures/ MAT Poses :.

* One set of texture and normal bump maps, at 4096x4096 pixels.

* The dress includes the following morphs to fit your V4 character:
- Amazon
- BodyBuilder
- BreastsCleavage
- BreastsCleavageWidth
- BreastsDiameter
- BreastsDroop
- BreastsFlatten
- BreastsHangForward
- BreastsImplant
- BreastsLarge
- BreastsNatural
- BreastsPerk
- BreastsSize
- Bulk
- Emaciated
- Fitness
- Heavy
- MaleBody
- PearFigure
- Pregnant
- Thin
- TummyOut
- Voluptuous
- Young

Requires the previous download and installation of Victoria 4 (V4) from DAZ.
All images rendered in Poser Pro 2012.

And a special thanks to Phil C for his help with rigging the cape.