AtoZ Munion 4 Free Add-On no.1 v1 from Tiger9166


AtoZ Munion 4 Free Add-On no.1 v1 from Tiger9166
NO .OBJs - You must have AtoZs Munion 4 Set!
Best Price EVER! ... FREE!
Munion 4 has EYE for you! WOW! Now you have A CHOICE! The really BIG thing about this version of Munion 4 is that you can make his eye really BIG or really small! And you can resize the Goggle Strap as well!

The Eye Size is accessible in the Munions BODY and the strap and the things you're about to read about below are available in the various parts of the body!

Little did you know ... Your Munion 4 actually has an M for his backside patch and NOW you can access it! Plus you can "Hide" his front side M too!
    Simple set includes:
      Props: Runtime>Libraries>Props>TJM>Munions>Smart
    • Munion TJM Spec 2
      Props: Runtime>Libraries>Props>TJM>Munions>Smart
    • Munion 4 Badge 1
    • Munion 4 Badge 2

I hope your Munions and other characters HAVE FUN with this set if you add it to your library!

ENJOY! ... Thank You if you do add this set! ... And be sure to check out Munion One, Two, Three and the other neat inexpensive Add-Ons for Munions.
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