Dainty Frilly Bikini + Lingerie Add on


Dainty and feminine bikini with ruffles, For V4 and Aiko. Cute and girlish, yet a bit skimpy. Includes extra textures to transform it into lingerie.

POSER ONLY. This product does NOT work properly at DAZ Studio (Déjà vu). Sorry for the inconvenience.

-What's Included:

·Two Pieces Bikini (separated top and bottom)
·Textures (.pz2 pose and .mc6 material versions)
·Extra Lingerie Textures (.pz2 pose and .mc6 material versions)


Aiko, Amazon, Bulk, Definition, Fitness, Thin, Voluptuous, Young, Areola Out (Top), Breasts Cleavage (Top), Breasts Diameter (Top), Breasts Flatten (Top), Breasts Hang Forward (Top), Breasts Implant (Top), Breasts Large (Top), Breasts Natural (Top), Breasts Perk (Top), Breasts Size (Top), Nipples Depth (Top), Nipples Height (Top), Genital Crease (Bottom), Glute Flex (Bottom), Glute Raise (Bottom), Glutes Dimple Depth (Bottom), Glutes Size (Bottom), Hips Crest (Bottom), Hips Size (Bottom), Waist Width (Bottom),

Extra Morphs:

Inner Frill Add/Remove (Top), Outer Frill Add/Remove (Top), Strap Inner Frill Add/Remove (Top), Strap Outer Frill Add/Remove (Top)
Center Frill Add/Remove (Bottom), Waist Frill Add/Remove (Bottom), Hips Frill Add/Remove (Bottom)

·Adjustment Morphs:
Breast Up, Breast Down, Breast In, Breast out, Breast Front, Breast Volume, Left Shoulder, Right Shoulder, Adjust Shoulders Up, Adjust Shoulders Front,
Hip Front/Back, Hip Sides, Hip Height, Cameltoe,

Included Textures:
10 Bikini Colors
10 Border Colors
10 Bikini Frill Colors

8 Lace Colors
8 Embroidered Lingerie Colors
8 Lace Frill Colors

Remove All Ruffles
Remove Interior Lining
Restore Interior Lining