AtoZ Munion 4 PLUS(AO) v1 from Tiger9166

AND IT ALSO HAS ADD-ON UV Mapped Geometries (A2Z EZ Instructiuons below!) for Munions 1, 2 and 3 (if you have added those sets to your libraries).
BTW: If you have any all all of these Thank you!
BONUS ADD-ON Better Lips for the Munions!

After creating the other three other AtoZ Munions available here at, I thought to myself. "Munions #1 beat on things ... Munions 2 and 3 clean up the mess Munuions 1 may have left behind, so there was kind of an M.C. Escher Devils and Angels thing going on. (Please be sure to Google M.C Escher and his cool drawings).

Sooo, I decided this set needed halos, wings and harps in juxtaposition with wings pointed tails, horns and tridents and of course the necessary color changes as seen in the promo pics!

This Munion has Longer and Stronger Arms ... Special "kinda odd" (like shoulders forward) Upper Arm Adjustments that allow his hands to come closer together. Extra Long legs to have fun with and included the usual sizing poses and more...

ADD-ON PARADISE! ... What really is Cool is that this set comes with a "Spec"ial UV mapped Geometry, default Material Pose and a default "Special" Material Pose PLUS a bit of a Red Guy Mat and a Angelic White Mat Pose ... The instructions below allow you to take the .cr2 files for any of the other Munions 2 or 3 you may have added to your collection and modify them to use the included UV Mapped "Special" Geometries! Hint: Munion One is already UV Mapped BUT you'll still have to copy the .cr2 and follow the instructions to end up with a fully functional "Special Munion 1!

So there are devil and angel Smart Props and even a custom load with a Harold and on each shoulder (if you can find one) two very different Flying Munions offering him advise!

Please welcome the fourth of the Munions! ... You can call the regular guy Harold or change him and call him Michael or Luicfer.

I hope you will consider adding this Munion to your collection ... OH! I forgot the Lip Fix ... YES! This Munions has more proper lips AND included are Smart Props of the other three Munions (Be sure to "hide" their original ones!)
This special set with it's valuable Add-On featured has a Regular Retail Price $28.95 ... Almost always on sale AtoZ tames Tiger9166!

      Figures: Runtime>Libraries>Character>TJM>Munions
    • Munion 4 Loaded 2
    • Munion 4 3X Good Evil (Angel/Harold/Devil)
    • Munion TJM 4 - NO UVs
    • Munion TJM 4 Spec - fully UV mapped
      Poses: Runtime>Libraries>Pose>TJM>Munions
    • Munion 4 Default
    • Munion 4 Angel Inside (full size)
    • Munion 4 Devil Inside (full size)
    • Munion 4 Grasp Left Hand
    • Munion 4 Grasp Right Hand
    • Munion 4 Left Hand Default
    • Munion 4 Right Hand Default
    • Munion 4 Odd
    • Munion 4 OH
    • Munion 4 Wonder
    • Munion At Center
    • Munion 4 Lil Angel (Size and Pose)
    • Munion 4 Lil Devil (Size and Pose)
      Size Poses: Runtime>Libraries>Pose>TJM>Munions>Sizing
    • Munion 040 Percent
    • Munion 050 Percent
    • Munion 060 Percent
    • Munion 080 Percent
    • Munion 120 Percent
    • Munion 100 Percent
    • Munion 200 Percent
    • Munion 300 Percent
      Mat Poses: Runtime>Libraries>Pose>TJM>Munions>Mat Poses
    • Munion 4 Angelic
    • Munion 4 Default
    • Munion 4 Devil Inside
    • Munion TJM 1 Spec
    • Munion TJM 2 Spec
    • Munion TJM 3 Spec 1
    • Munion TJM 3 Spec 2 (with a back of the head tatoo!)
    • Munion TJM 4 Spec 1
    • Munion TJM 4 Spec 2 (With Denim, Rivets, Tatoos and more!)
      Props: Runtime>Libraries>Props>TJM>Munions>Smart
    • Munion 4 Lower Teeth (2nd set)
    • Munion 4 Upper Teeth 1 (2nd set)
    • Munion 4 Upper Teeth 2 (3nd set)
    • Angel Wings (Two Separate Wing Loads)
    • Angel Harp (Two Separate Wing Loads)
    • Angel Halo
    • Angel Halo Assisted (snicker... joke!)
    • Devil Tail
    • Devil Wings
    • Devil Rt and Lft Horns
    • Devil Trident (pitch fork)
    • New Lips for Munion TJM 1
    • New Lips for Munion TJM 2
    • New Lips for Munion TJM 3
    • BTW: Also a set of non-smart lips too!
      Textures: Runtime>Textures>TJM>
    • 85 - YES! 85 - TJM Base 2K x 2K .jpg files (not seamless)
      Textures: Runtime>Textures>TJM>Munions
    • Munion 1 Spec starter texture
    • Munion 2 Spec starter texture
    • Munion 3 Spec starter texture
    • Munion 3 Spec starter texture with tatoo
    • Munion 4 Spec starter texture
    • Munion 4 Spec starter texture with Denim etc!
      AtoZ SUPER-STARTER Templates: Templates>TJM>Munions
    • Munion 1 Multi-Layer .tif Template with a colorized starter layer!
    • Munion 2 Multi-Layer .tif Template with a colorized starter layer!
    • Munion 3 Multi-Layer .tif Template with a colorized starter layer!
    • Munion 4 Multi-Layer .tif Template with a colorized starter layer!

In Short: You get a HUGE AMOUNT OF STUFF... PLUS the ADD-ONs to "Re-Invent" your other Munions... Hopefully you own all four!
IMPORTANT!... Here's how to use the Special ADD-ON parts of this set!
  • INSTRUCTIONS: OK, you don't get the .cr2 files for Munions1-3 ... So if You own those AtoZ sets, here's what you do ... Navigate to the Runtime>Libraries>Character>TJM>Munions directory ... Copy the ones you do own own as follows:
    • COPY Munion TJM 1.cr2 and its .png to Munion TJM 1 Spec.cr2 and .png
    • COPY Munion TJM 2.cr2 and its .png to Munion TJM 2 Spec.cr2 and .png
    • COPY Munion TJM 3.cr2 and its .png to Munion TJM 3 Spec.cr2 and .png
      NOW: Open a new scene and import one of these new files... Then ...
    • Open the Runtime>Libraries>Pose>TJM>Munions>Mat Poses and apply the corresponding preset to you new Minion.
    • This gives you the ability not just change the color of your Munions but also to apply tatoos etc. You can even create your own texture files because also included is a "Templates>TJM>Munions" Directory (in the zip file). In it you won't find the usual lame 2D flat template files, you find AtoZ SUPER-STARTER Multi-Layered .tif files for all four Munions!
    HAVE FUN making your own family/tribe of Munions!

    ENJOY! And if Harold with his devil or angel inside joins your library ... Thank You! ... And be sure to check out Munion One, Two and Three also available exclusively here at!
    Legal Stuff:

    Copyright 2014 Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc. aka: Tiger9166 & AtoZ

    License file included.
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