AtoZ Munion Omage no1 v1 by Tiger9166
Ends on Feb 11 2018


AtoZ Munion Omage no1 v1 from Tiger9166
So why Omage? ... You just never know what Munions can ger into! Munion 1 (not included) managed to slip a Lego Wrench out of my kid's toy box and I had to make him put it back! (Wrench not included).

What is included? Well my kids cried and beleive me Munion's can cry really loudly, so rather than wake the neighborhood I had to quickly make a Gun, a Spear and a Sword for my munions ... They're happy and quietly playing now!

    Simple ste includes:
      Props: Runtime>Libraries>Props>TJM>Munions>Smart
    • Munion Gun 1 Omage
    • Munion Spear Omage
    • Munion Sword Omage
Files in the usual Munion places ... Props are not smart!
I hope your Munions and other characters HAVE FUN with this set if you add it to your library!

ENJOY! ... Thank You if you do add this set! ... And be sure to check out Munion One, Two, Three and either very sonn or on sale now Munion Four all are available exclusively here at!
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License file included.
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