Lattice Boom Heavy Lift Crane with Articulated Cab Mounted on Ringer


Heavy Lift Crane Lattice Boom Crane (Figure) Mounted on a ring(Prop). This type of crane is used in industrial , Marine, Oilfield and Construction yards. Used both onshore and offshore. Commonly mounted on large "derrick" barges to set Jackets, Platforms and accomodation decks. Mounted on semi submergible , Offshore platform s or on a ringer onshore Fab and marine yards These cranes have higher lifting capacity than their tracked cousins. Even two barges with a crane each may work togethewr making a dual lift The Heavy Lift crane figure has two load blocks : a single block with ball and hook and a double block and hook, for heavier Loads. These blocks and wire ropes have up down controls located on the crane figurr Body parameter page. See picture with cab showing all crane controls in one location.Making animations with the Crane model is easy Using Poser. The crane has detailed internal crane cab with controls that can move. Cab Door open close The Crane cab is articulated and raise and lowers. Crane body has detailed engine compartment with door that opens and closes. Draw works for raising and lowering Boom operates and wire rope drum rotates automatically , 1 and 2 block wire rope cable drums turn automaticaly when being used . Changing rotation if play out or take in. Crane Body rotates. SEE: 6m offshre containr, Mini Container, Rigging and Spreader Bar for real 3d Cranes.