Auxiliary Equipment spread for Drilling Rig


Real 3D Auxillary Equipment for Drilling Rig Features : 1. Drill mud group return line drill mud From drilling Rig into Shale Shaker shale Shaker unit Shale Shaker Mud tank Mud skip to catch Cutting waste discharge Lift Frame and De- Gas vessel with vacume Pump Mud mix tank with with suction agitator Mudskip with camlock fitttings and Hose that connects to Mud tank MuD pump with suction and discharge to Drill Rig Umbilical / Top Drive 2. Lift Frame with 1,800 kva Generator generator Swich gear / Electrical distribution Fuel tank for Generator. Either Group May be located independently by x y z on Group Parameter for users with High End GPU.s may want to use 2 to 3 sets depending on scene requirements