Drilling Rig Top Drive with winches and Pipe Elevator


This is a working model of modern top drive Mast Drilling rig which has virtually replaced the now obsolete rotary table derrick rigs. The model is made up of Drill floor mast structure and Base Frame with BOP Stack 1annular x 1 Ram type x 2 under drill floor. Umbilical housing and umbilical which supplies Drill Mud AND high voltage cable to Top Drive unit. Top drive has joint that allows it to lay pipe down on to Pipe ramp The top drive unit which turns the drill pipe is raised and lowered by the functioning draw-works, consisting of crown block and lower block that the Top drive is suspended from. The draw works cable goes from Crown block to a Working winch model that rotates and the cable traverses side to side on as cable is reeled in raising or out lowering the top Drive on slide mounted to back of Mast. The drill floor has a center plate that opens and closes. Drill pipe includes double joint drill pipe drill bit collar and drill bit model also includes piping to unmbilical and Drill mud return discharge line with 2 Hydraulic Choke valves with hose and Hydraulic control console. The model also includes Drill Pipe elevator and Winch Tool pusher control cabin with moving control levers and Door. All master parameter on Figure Body make figure easy to use and animate