AtoZ Poser Preload SandyBay PLUS ADD-ON v1 by Tiger9166
Ends on Oct 22 2017


AtoZ Poser Preload SandyBay PLUS ADD-ON v1 by Tiger9166
ADD-ON for 3DUniverse Sandy Bay ... No Geometry or Texture Files!
WHAT? A DAZ3D Preload but none for Poser? OK, Sandy Bay is a really cool environment for Toon Action and Fun, but it is very tedious to load all the necessary pieces and parts and move them so you get a complete scene ... SOooooo I followed the "overhead" shot from the original promo pics and created a complete Poser Scene File for you to AtoZ EZLoad!
AND, then I added in NINE geometry locations (xTran, yTran, zTran and yRot where necessary so you can add a character of your choise and move them easily!
Super Low Retail Price $5.99 usually on sale at a low discounted AtoZ price!
    Includes Four Files:
  • Readme's>TJM>Others>Readme.txt
  • Readme's>TJM>Others>AtoZ_9Locations_SandyBay_v1_byTiger9166s.txt < 9 Figure Locations
  • Readme's>TJM>Others>License.txt
  • Scenes>TJM>Others>SandyBayPoser.pz3 < Poser Scene Preload

If you add this ADD-ON to your library ... Thank You!


Legal Stuff:

Copyright 2014 Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc. aka: Tiger9166 & AtoZ

License file included.
Note: Photos, Buildings, Characters, Props, 3D Terrains, Vehicles, Tunnels and any other items seen in the Product Images and videos that are NOT listed are NOT included!
If it isn't listed above it isn't included!