AtoZ Munion Character 1 v1 from Tiger9166
Ends on Feb 11 2018


AtoZ Munion One 1 v1 from Tiger9166
"Hey that looks like a Min..." <<< Don't say it! OK, it looks like something it's not ... because THIS is a Munion! It's not my fault that the movie industry got the name wrong! This MUNION is a simple but expressive and fully articulacted Poser Character.

Meet Stanley! Stan comes with three initial loads. Default has no glove add ons and no eyelids! Other two loads (preloads) include All Buttons, Eye LIds, three hair pieces and the "cuffs" for the gloves!.

He also comes with a dumb hammer prop and a smart one that loads to his right hand. PLUS you get his step stool!
Like all AtoZ models they are often offered at a discounted price. Stan insisted on being a $5,000 item. But I talked him down listing him at a retail price of just 17.95 He also didn't like me offering any discounts, but I know he'd have a tough time checking what I list here. So "Shhhhh"! If you add Stan to your library, Thank You in advance!.
OK, so this Munion is fully articulated with a few cheats here and there. From his eyes that have adjustable pupils offering you great ways to have him express himself to his optional (or preloaded) upper and lower eyelids, to fingers, hands, fore and upper arms, feet and legs all movable, Stan is loads of fun the animate!
And Stan's fingers and hand "Swell" (parameter dials like everything else) in case he misses a bit with his hammer!

Yeah, he insisted on all the articulation! Even his tongue going up and down or stick it out!, Lips up and down and in and out, teeth (pick one) up and down! He really was a slave driver! And what he wants he gets! Have fun!
    He comes with:
  • A Hammer ... He loves to pound things! (dumb prop)
  • A Step Stool ... He's not too tall, but don't tell him that or he may use his hammer on your computer screen! (ha!)
    • Upper and lower Eyelids (4 smarts)
    • Buttons for his pants (4 smarts)
    • A Bib plate with the perfect "M" on it! (1 smart)
    • Smart Hammer ... Yeah, you figure that out! OH, Stan's a rightie!
      Mat Poses:
    • Default Munion
    • Dirty Munion
    • Default Step Stool
    • Dirty Step Stool
  • TEN Static Poses from Default to WOW ... and ofcourse it includes, Hit Something!

In short (pun intended), Stan is just a cool little dude! or is he a she? You figure it out
    Files in Runtime>:
  • Geometries>TJM>Munions
  • Textures>TJM and Textures>Munions (empty for your future fun)
  • Libraries>Character>TJM>Munions
  • Libraries>Pose>TJM>Munions
  • Libraries>Props>TJM>Munions and Libraries>Props>TJM>Munions
    Other files Poser Root Dir:
  • Source and = Template file for Gimp/Photoshop (layered .tif)
  • Readme's>TJM>Munions - Read me file and license file

ENJOY! And if Stan joins your library ... Thank You!
Legal Stuff:

Copyright 2014 Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc. aka: Tiger9166 & AtoZ

License file included.
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