Solinoid Squadrons #2


The Discovery of an advanced transforming Alien Fighter crash on earth led us to the creation of the Warthog and Wildhog Variable Fighters. Now introducing the Solinoid Mogwai (Codenamed Gremlin by UN Forces), the fighter that gave us the leg up on transformation technology. Arriving in force in Terran Space, the Solinoid Invaders have launched an invasion from their home system of Solinides in the Solinides Star-cluster.

This set includes alternate textures for 3 Squadrons of the Solinoid Fleet. Represented are: Burrunda Squadron, Gurrenda Squadron, and Orango Squadron of the Solinoid Battle Fleet. These alternate textures will work on all 3 of our Solinoid Fighters and are in Pz2 format for ease of use! Also included are alternate textures for the Solinoid Fold Booster to match the alternate Fighter schemes.