Badlands Deathmatch II M4


"In the burning wastes, after the rise of the mushroom clouds and the fall of man, there are few who survived. The strong. The determined. The vicious. The mutated. The wretched and wasted. The neon walking dead. The horrible and twisted shadows of what was once man. A few small towns and outposts of what might almost echo a civilization that once was pockmark the burnt and blasted landscape of the Americas. The roadways and highways connecting these pockets of life have become a vital lifeline not just for those settlements, but for the vultures and pirates that pick the flesh off the survivors of the old world. Machines, weapons, and especially gasoline have become a rare commodity, and everyone has become a scavenger of sorts. In these times, the highways have become bloodstained arenas of death, where combat is waged on a daily basis. In this tortured world, only the strong, or the mad, survive."

Add new life to these wonderful, Junkyard Scavenged weapons from Traveler. Suitable for a post apocalyptic arena deathmatch, or a rundown slum-land gang fight.

• Use the weapons with any of your favorite M4 Poses with ease with the included grips. Simply load your favorite pose, load the desired prop weapon, parent the prop to M4's hand, and apply the weapons Grip Pose - and it will jump into position.

• For the Rigged Figure weapons, such as the Bike Chains or Shotguns it's almost as easy. After loading your favorite Pose on M4, load the desired figure and parent the figure to M4's hand. Apply the Weapon Figure's positioning pose to the Weapons, then apply the grip pose to M4.

Package Includes

• 30 Full Body Poses for M4 plus Mirrors (60 in all)

• 2 Partial Poses for M4 plus Mirrors (4 in all)

• 11 Grip Poses that Include Prop Positions plus Mirrors (22 in all)

• 3 Grip Poses for Weapon Figures plus Mirrors (6 in all)

• 5 Weapon Placement Poses for parented figures plus mirrors (10 in all)

• Multiple Poses for Each Length of Bike Chain Figure

• Multiple Flail chain poses

Poses can be used as shown, or the weapons may be mixed and matched using the included Grip and Partial poses for a large possibility of combat poses. The Included Grips may be used to match props and weapons to other poses from other sets.

Included File Formats:


* This Package Includes the content from Badlands Scavenged - Junkyard Grips M4