Badlands Scavenged - Junkyard Weapons Grips M4


After the world fell, a tattered few survivors struggled for survival in the broken, poisoned wastes. There was constant threat from beasts and once-men, deranged and altered by the poisonous clouds, the chemicals of war, the radioactive haze, the hunger, and the struggle to survive. There were no more factories. No more munitions depots. No more forges. Survivors had to scrounge what weapons and supplies they could, or bend the tools and rubble of the old world into the weapons they needed to survive.

Add new life to these wonderful, Junkyard Scavenged weapons from Traveler. Suitable for a post apocalyptic arena deathmatch, or a rundown slumland gang fight.

• Use the weapons with any of your favorite M4 Poses with ease with the included grips. Simply load your favorite pose, load the desired prop weapon, parent the prop to M4's hand, and apply the weapons Grip Pose - and it will jump into position.

• For the Rigged Figure weapons, such as the Bike Chains or Shorguns it's almost as easy. After loading your favorite Pose on M4, load the desired figure and parent the figure to M4's hand. Apply the Weapon Figure's positioning pose to the Weapons, then apply the grip pose to M4.

Package Includes:

• 11 Grip Poses that Include Prop Positions plus Mirrors (22 in all)

• 3 Grip Poses for Weapon Figures plus Mirrors (6 in all)

• 5 Weapon Placement Poses for parented figures plus mirrors (10 in all)

Included File Formats:


*These grips are included in the Badlands Deathmatch Pose sets.