Fabric Workshop - Plaid Resource


Fifty-two original seamless tiling plaid fabrics, each 2048x2048 pixels, for you to use to create your own artworks or texture packs. The pack is supplied as a psd file with the images on layers; there are also two bmp fabric images supplied which you can use overlaid onto the plaid images or to create separate bmp/displacement maps. Software Required: Program to open and manipulate psd files. Product Type: Merchant Resource Archive File Size: 377MB These images and tiles are royalty-free with the following limitations: 1) You MAY use these images, in whole or in part, to create your own original artworks or 3D character/clothing/prop texture packs, whether for sale or for your own use, with the exception of large flat surface renders which effectively reproduce a copy of the image 'as is'. An acknowledgement of your source would be nice if practicable. 2) You may NOT redistribute these images, in whole or in part, by any medium, other than the use specified in 1). You may not include these images in whole or in part in any merchant resource or collection of textures or tiles, including but not limited to photo reproduction, tiling textures, or graphics brushes. Included files: cyFworkshop-plaid.psd cyFWorkshop-Camo.txt Cyllan_License.txt