Immortal Twin 29 (V4)


Immortal Twin 29 transforms Victoria 4 into an exquisitely crafted precision avatar. This sensuous beauty inspired the creation of refined design elements for exceptional realism. Attention to detail with every aspect of character development translates into spectacular renders from every angle.

Experience the distinctive appeal of unsurpassed true to life components:
Meticulous facial features,
Defined jaw line,
Precisely sculpted teeth morphs,
Genuine expressions,
Realistic skin tone,
Exact moles
Authentic scars
Accurate Ear Piercings
Actual body tone changes
Thorough full body skin texture
Signature makeups,
Glamorous lipsticks,
Stunning nail colors

-Her style perfected through exceptional design-

Immortal Twin 29 has an impressive set of features including 3 different stage light sets, expressions & makeup for breathtaking renders. Capture her seductive spirit with this remarkable package content:
1 Head Morph INJ/REM
15 Expressions and 2 Partial Expressions
3 Stage Light Sets (Infinite and IBLs)
1 Full Body SSS Mat
8 Makeups
10 Lipstick Colors
10 Nail Colors
& 3 Glamour Eyelashes

This product requires the following: Victoria 4 by DAZ3D

The promotional renders were created in PoserPro 2014 using the included lights and render settings. No product post-work except for composition of actual renders and text.

This product is meant for use in Poser 9 and above and will not work in DAZ Studio.