Ragnarok - Long Voyages for M4


The winter wolf dragged the blanket of storms across the sky, covering Midgard in cold and darkness. The frost giants marched from Jotunheimr to lay siege to the lands of men. Terrible things move in the deep and the dark, in the roots of Midgard, and Jormungandr wracks the oceans with storms caused by his anger. For the time of all ends, the Twilight of the gods, Ragnarokkr, is upon the world. The world had entered a harsh age - an axe age, a sword age - a wind age, and a wolf age.

The seas raged and thrashed from the fury of Jormungandr, and the sons of Garmr roamed the heavens. The wolf, Skoll, seized the sun and swallowed her, while his brother, Hati, caught hold of the moon and mangled her. The stars began to fade from the heavens blanketing the world in darkness, and the Earth shook. As the fires of Surtr's flaming sword scorched the realms, the blanket of ice of the Fimbulvetr melted, and the land began to sink into the raging seas. The gods were dead, and none could stand against Surtr - all that remained was for him to burn himself out, and scorch the nine realms.

The men of the north gathered their last on great sailing ships. The final voyage was at hand. At the end would be great glory and treasures beyond belief. They would sail west, over the edge of the world, hoping to escape the Fimbulvetr, the madness of the gods, and Surtr's sword. The voyage would be long, the trials difficult, but the men of the north were used to long and difficult times. The promise of new lands and hope lured them and called out, and so they sailed.

A set of poses inspired by Mortem Vetus Ragnarok for M4 Viking themed Clothing and props.

This Product Includes:

Over 150 Full and Partial Poses for Michael 4 and the Longship

• 45 Poses for the Longship Oars

• 70 Positioning Poses for quick placement on the Longship

• 32 Upper-Body Rowing Poses plus Mirrors (64 Total)

• 28 Full body poses for M4 plus 27 Mirrored Poses (55 Poses total)

• 3 Lower-Body Seated Poses plus Mirrors (6 Total)

*Previously sold at RuntimeDNA

3rd Party Products Needed:

Michael 4 from DAZ3D

Michael 4 Morphs from Daz3D


Ragnarok from Mortem Vetus

Viking Longship from Mortem Vetus