Ragnarok - Cold Swordsmen for M4


The winter wolf dragged the blanket of storms across the sky, covering Midgard in cold and darkness. The frost giants marched from Jotunheimr to lay siege to the lands of men. Terrible things moved in the deep and the dark, in the roots of Midgard, and Jormungandr wracked the oceans with storms caused by his fury. For the time of all ends, the Twilight of the gods, Ragnarokkr, was upon the world. The world had entered a harsh age - an axe age, a sword age - a wind age, and a wolf age.

Jormungandr's furious writhing has stirred a furious ocean, its waves breaking free the ship Ngalfar from its icy bonds. Across the angry seas Ngalfar carries the dead from Hel, steered by the Jotunn Hrym, and led by the god Loki. The disgraced dead of Nieflheimr, twisted, corroded, and warped by their mistress Hel, brought terror and death to Midgard on their march for the Bifrost.

The men in these lands of ice steeled themselves, hardening their resolve, and gathered cold swords and frozen shields and marched to meet their ancestors in one last, glorious battle. They knew the cause likely hopeless, and their deaths assured, for the dead can not be slain again.

A set of poses inspired by Mortem Vetus Ragnarok for M4 Viking themed Clothing and props.

This Product Includes:

30 Poses plus 30 mirrors for M4 and Ragnarok

• 15 Twin Sword poses and their Mirrors

• 15 Sword and Shield Poses and their Mirrors

• 8 Grip poses for quick weapon swapping of the Sword, or Shield.

• 2 Positioning Poses for a Paired Swordfight

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3rd Party Products Needed:

Michael 4 from DAZ3D

Michael 4 Morphs from Daz3D


Ragnarok from Mortem Vetus