The world of man will crumble by it's own hand - the monuments of glass and steel falling to ash and dust. In the shadows of those once great monuments will lie a poisoned and toxic Earth, forever cursed. The struggle for survival will be harsh, and those beasts and bugs that manage to survive will be forever changed by their constant exposure to the toxic and radioactive legacy of humanity. In the harsh wastes following the bombs, the line between man and beast will grow ever more blurred - on every level. Survivors will rise from the ashes, some twisted and broken of form, some stronger than before, some just shadows of the past. All of them will come into constant conflict - with the elements, with the wasteland, and with each other. They will scurry and scamper about the twisted and mangled landscape, scraping together whatever useful bits and baubles might aide their survival. It will be a new age of savagery.

This set of hand crafted, themed poses can turn your Sixus 1 Ratz into post atomic mutant scavengers and gladiators.

• 21 full poses for the Ratz Male, with and without IK (42 Poses total)

• 9 Grip poses for various Scavenged - Junkyard Weapons

• 6 Poses for the BikeChain 60 figure geared for action

This pack requires the Sixus 1 Ratz Male base figure, and the Scavenged Junkyard Weapons from Traveller. (Previously tested as working but DS not supported by Author.)