Dwarvez Troopz:AxeHammerz


The Axe and the Hammer... The Hammer and the Axe... The two tools that are associated with Dwarves, and used in both daily life... and battle. There is among Dwarvez, however, another tool that holds a special place of Honor, the AxeHammer! Forged deep 'neath the roots of the mountains in the hottest fires the Earth can belch forth by Dwarven Forge Priests - the AxeHammer is both a tool and a weapon, and a symbol of great achievement among the Dwarven hearth.Often carried by the Hearth Guard of Breggar's house, who is named for the weapon. The AxeHammer is a truly Dwarven construct, of special skill and grace. Wielded properly it can shatter mountains and hew Dragon bones. The Axehammer corps is not to be taken lightly.

This is the first Installment of fantasy battle themed poses for the Sixus 1 Fantasy Races line of figures. Focusing on the mighty Dwarven Hearth Guards and their AxeHammers.

• 24 Full Poses for Dwarvez with and without Inverse Kinematics (48 Poses Total)

• 2 Partial poses for the Axehammer to switch between using the Axe or Hammer side

• 1 Partial Kneel pose with and without IK

• 21 Poses for the Dwarvez Hair

• 10 Poses for Dwarvez Beard

• 16 Poses for Breggar AxeHammer Beard

This set requires the Sixus 1 Dwarvez, and BreggarAxehammer, additional poses require Jorl Bloodbringer, and the Dwarvez Troopz sets.