Ork Couplez Bundle: Fantastique Power & Tragique Beauty


Contains All Content From:

Ork Couplez I:Fantastique

Ork Couplez II:Power & Beauty

Ork Couplez III:Tragique

"It is an age of high fantasy and adventure! It is the age of sword and Sorcery! It is the age of Romance! t is an ancient age. An age of fantasy and wonder. An age of mighty heroes, dazzling heroines, and terrible beasts. Strange tails of exalted deeds and exotic loves echo from the time of myth and legend. It is the age of the Orkz the tribes of green, and the Fantastique Epoch! In ancient days the She Orkz ruled with an iron fist.

They maintained a matriarchal empire that spread across countless lands. It was said their gaze could pierce the cold hearts of the mighty Orkz, and bend them to their will. Indeed, their seemed to be some sorcerers thrall they held over their brethren. Even now, as the She Orkz grew fewer in each generation, their power stretches out, bending the Orkz to their will. Competition is fierce to win the favor of the Matriarch, and they hold prized positions in the society of the tribes of green. In the savage times of sword and sorcery, love is often a tragic tale.

Unlikely are the those in the tribes of green to live happily ever after in their lives driven by passion and conquest. It is well know that green blood is the hottest blood. It burns like fire fueled by the ward drum like beat of a beastly heart, called to glory and destiny. Never again will their be an age such as this!

What tales will you tell?"

Now all three Ork Couplez sets are available in one bundled deal. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get over 36 (18 with IK and 18 without) full poses for the Orkz and She Orkz (72 full poses total), plus partial poses for pose building, faces, and hand poses, in one great deal.

• 18 Poses for the Sixus1 Orkz Male with and without IK for the feet

• 18 Poses for the Sixus1 She Orkz with and without IK for the feet

• 12 Faces for the Orkz Male

• 12 Faces for the She Orkz

• Assorted Left and Right hand poses for Orkz and She Orkz

• 18 Partial Poses for the Orkz and 16 for the She Orkz for pose building.

• 3 Presets for the SheOrkz conforming hair

Characters Not included. Please see individual products for required models