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AtoZ FTM DIY UYW AddOn v1 from Tiger9166
THIS IS A Do It Yourself (DIY) ADD ON that creates a Use-Your-Words figure that you control!
It requires that you have the poser Font to Mesh Converter!

Yeah! I had to dust mine off and even remember after installing it on a modern Windows 7 and a Windows 10 computer that you have to run the DirectX Installer in its root directory!
Sorry, for PCs only ... After I remembered that I decided to make an AtoZ EZ2 Use way to take the .objs created by Font to Mesh into Poser.
AND, every word can different, have a different resolution, extrusion value and done in a different FONT! Create 10 words you'd like to use and then load as many Figures as you want and then place them in different places in your scene. Just "spin" the ERC dial to change to the word you want to display. Each figure can be a different color, but all words within that figure will also be that color!
Retail price $7.95 but watch for it heavily discounted and sometime it's FREE!
IMPORTANT! Be sure to check out all the AtoZ Use Your Words Sets if you find any of the too time consuming!
When you install this to your Runtime, yes, you'll still have work to do, BUT YOU get to choose your words (up to 10 of them) and when you create them in Font to Mesh, you can pick any font you want!
    So things to do first and once only:
  1. Install the Runtime in the file you downloaded.
  2. Install Font to Mesh or dust it off if you've got it working ...
  3. Create a short cut in the Font to Mesh Folder that points to your new Runtime>Geometries>TJM>3DText folder (Yes, I have placed ten .obj files there and you will be overwriting them with your own)
    Things you'll do more than once:
  1. Run Font to Mesh
  2. Create a word of your choice in the font you choose (BTW forget the color settings, as you'll do this later on in poser or ... Note: ALL words will be the same color!
  3. Save the word using the shortcut to the 3DWords Geometries location ... Choose which number it wil be of the 10 you have available and then approve the overwrite!
  4. Remember to write down which word is 1 or 2 etc ...
  5. Repeat to make up to ten words or symbols (remember it's a font program!)
To use in Poser navigate to Figures>TJM>3DText and load the "DIY AtoZ UYW 1-10" Figure.
Until you Dial the "Select a Letter" ERC you won't see much of anything.
Now, Scale your word, yes they all change! And use the Material Room to color them (Textures act funny!)
You have successfully DIY'd you own Use Your Words! Of course, there are also the SPECTACULAR AtoZ Use your Words Sets available that can save you work, so please check them out!

  • Runtime>Geometries>TJM>3DText
  • Runtime>Libraries>Character>TJM>3DText

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