SquidMan (VPM1) (for Vue)


From the bottom of the depths comes a half-human, half-squid creature. Once a mighty king, he now seeks vengeance for his kind. Will he destroy the surface world or seek peace? You decide!

.: Product Features :.

Includes the following models in one Vue vob file:
* One SquidMan human figure, at 79,169 polygons.
* One ceremonial skirt prop, 30,102 at polygons.
- The skirt, belt, and seashell have separate materials which can be hidden or shown to suit the needs of your scene.
* One trident prop, at 2,590 polygons.
- The trident is a parented prop to the right hand.
* Also includes a vom march walk cycle animation file.
- The vom animation file is pre-loaded in the vob file.

Hide or delete any parented props from your scene if you want to render without these elements.

Figure animation includes standard IK figure bones with the addition of the 12 head tentacles can be also be posed; however, they only have one "bone" each which means they can`t curve or deform. Eyes are rigged, however mandible/mouth is not. For your animation pipeline convenience this figure is also available Poser format which include additional morphs and facial poses.

.: Textures/ MAT Poses :.

* The Head and Body textures are 2048x2048.
* The tentacle textures are 1024x1024.
* Includes texture and displacement/ bump maps for the head, body, and all tentacles.

Interior scenes shown in the sales images are available for sale separately.

Animated and optimized for Vue by Dream Cutter