AtoZ Drone Trooper Backpack Add-On #1 v1by Tiger 9166
Merry Christmas 2015!
This an Add-On for Stonemason's Dystopian Trooper Extensions! This almost always free item comes with two different shields, one offers from the front and above and includes two triangular extensions to protect the backpack or if you own it AtoZ's Drone Trooper Turrent Pack!

Comes with four geometry files, four Prop loads and four Smart Prop loads (be sure to select the DT Backpack in the Hierarchy to smart prop!
Find the props in:
Runtime>Libraries>Props>TJM>DTrooper and smart
Geometries in:
Shields are "metalized" not textured ...

Thank you in advance if you add this COOL set to your Library!
Legal Stuff:
Copyright 2015 Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc. aka: Tiger9166 & AtoZ All Rights Reserved
License file included.
Note: Photos, Buildings, 3D Terrains, Vehicles, Characters, Animals, Zombies, Muzzle Flashes and other items seen in the Product Images and videos that are NOT listed above are NOT included! This set only includes the AtoZ files contained in the Directories listed above.