Pauline PLUS


Pauline is the new girl on the block with Poser 11. So why not give her all the love she deserves with a full "PLUS" treatment. Not only were fresh new morphs created for beautifying her face, breasts, legs, etc... but I've gone through with some other much needed improvements. Weights have been adjusted on this full CR2, along with master dials created for controlling her privates. That's right! I've adjusted weights for her gen and given you easy access to controlling the bones included for her there! Breasts have been re-weighted to minimize the odd squish and stretch you might see when putting her in more "extreme" poses! You bet. Mouth poses for stuff? Yup. Anyone can make vampire fangs and elf ears, which I've included here of course... (text redacted). A, C, D cups sizes, nipples, areola, ...openings... Even a new JCM for bending the arms down to get rid of that weird bulbous shoulder..... All organized nice and neat in a cr2 file. Sure, I've included other things like longer lashes, master dialed "Grip" for hands, even toe bend dials... but I know what you want... and here it is!!! Pauline PLUS!!!!

***NOTE*** Requires Poser 11 or later...
Most Renders are rendered in Octane. Firefly render is labeled firefly.