AtoZ DTrooper AddOn AddOn v1 from Tiger9166
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AtoZ DroneTrooper Add-on Add-on v1 from Tiger9166

NOTE: ADD-ON FOR THE AtoZ Drone Trooper Texture Add-on set!

These are Custom Preloads and Mat Pose Recolors that require the set above!

IMPORTANT: This offerings contains NO OBJ FILES!
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So if you're like me you have quite a few robots in your library ... SO, I though how cool would it be if I were to take the cool Tachyon Blaster and create preset loads (that you will need to parent) for a whole bunch of robots.

From as new as Stonemason's Mech Enforcer 2012 to DAZ's Genesis Bot to SRB800 and through a wide range of interesting to ancient curiosities like Brain Stem (original Poser 4 content!)

You may want to nudge a few of these to exactly where you want them, or even add the Tachy Blaster to other Robots or Aircraft or Spacecraft you own!

I hope you have a lot of fun with these! And, I've tried to make it easy with a variety of useful Hide and Show poses for you to use to prepare a loaded robot to recieve it's cool new weapon!
YES, there are files to place in your DAZ 3D My Library for the Genesis Bot!
    What you want is in: Runtime>
  • Libraries>Figures>TJM>Dtrooper> and For Other Robots
  • Libraries>Poses>TJM>DTrooper>For Other Robots
  • Textures>TJM>DTrooper (just one texture)

    Left and Right "Hand" preloads for these Robots included:
  • Bot Genesis (see the For DAZ 3D folder and move files to your DAZ Library Presets)
  • Andy (Poser 8)
  • Aiko3Bot
  • Titan
  • SRB800
  • Mech Enforcer 2012
  • Dystopean Worker Droid (and Damaged)
  • Dreadnaught (Std)
  • Battle Bot HD (be sure to use the hands Hides on bother the Base and the Armor!)
  • Droid
  • Chomper (and you thought he/she was cute and friendly! Now its weponized!)
  • R-Bot
  • Brain Stem
  • Helix
  • Robot

    Colorizing Material Poses:
  • Default
  • Red
  • Light Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Silver(ish)
  • Black
  • Mech Enforcer2012

      ENJOY! I had a lot of fun making all these for all the Robots listed above!
      Thank you in advance if you add this COOL set to your Library!
      Legal Stuff:
      Copyright 2015 Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc. aka: Tiger9166 & AtoZ All Rights Reserved
      License file included.
      Note: Photos, Buildings, 3D Terrains, Vehicles, Characters, Animals, Zombies, Muzzle Flashes and other items seen in the Product Images and videos that are NOT listed above are NOT included! This set only includes the AtoZ files contained in the Directories listed above.