Faces 2 M6


aces for M6 is comprised of 5 custom face morphs without any textures. It includes a FREE shorts outfit for 10 FREE special poses for M6. Ten materials are included in this set for the shorts. Diffuse color can be changed to change up the style of the outfit. Files for DAZ Studio 4.8 and up are optimized in this set. Apply INJ pose files directly to Genesis 2 Male then apply faces for M6, then apply pose. This is set has been tested for DAZ Studio 4.8, not tested for Poser. -------------------------------------- System Requirements: PC and Mac compatible DazStudio 4.8 or greater -------------------------------------- Needed Files: Genesis 2 Male Base available at Daz3d Michael 6 -------------------------------------- Installation Instructions: Unzip to your DAZ/content directory using an appropriate program. To install, just unzip to your DAZ Library directory using the paths and this file will install under /My DAZ 3D Library. If you wish to manually install the files, unzip to a directory. Install the product to the following directories: /My DAZ 3D Library -------------------------------------- Usage Tips or Limitations: Set LIMITS ON for poses. For DAZ Studio 4.8: Load Genesis 2 Male Base, then apply INJ file. Apply face then apply poses directly to M6.