AtoZ SkyRail Overhead PLUS Add-On IV v1 by Tiger9166
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AtoZ SkyRail Overhead PLUS Add-On IV v1 by Tiger9166
As an Add-On it requires ... AtoZ SkyRail Surface, SkyRail Cargo and SkyRail Systems! Add other SkyRail and AtoZ Topside to offer yourself a wide variety of options!
Do the Promotional Pictures say it all? This is one Cool SkyRail Add-On!

SkyRail Surface offered ways to traverse landscapes and you could kind of fake going over water, BUT with these SkyRail Stanchions (you get five different ones!) and accessories, you can make over water scenes extremely real!

Includes: The Stanchions are Articulated so that they can easily "grow" vertically to fit almost every terrain AND if you find your SkyRail in really deep water, there's a fancy razzle-dazzle articulated Flotation Stanchion that has propellers and turbine fans to hold the skyRail Stable in "angry" water ... Hey, I'll bet you could do a cool animation using the Flotation Stanchions and SkyRail sections to act as a "swing out of the way bridge section" for when really large container ships have to pass by! This AtoZ model also features highly detailed textures for the SkyRail Stanchions and other included items for great closeups (and really good resizing should you choose to enlarge any of these).

Props include: Old Beams to "bolt" to your Stanchions and even a deluxe Truck Tire Bumper, holding chain and holder to keep those big vessles safely moored when the Stanchions are being serviced!

PLUS a BONUS Smart Prop 2nd Float for the deep water articulated SkyRail Flotation Stanchion.
Retail price $18.95 ... usually on sale like most of our products ... Who doesn't love a bargain!
Here's what's included!
    Figures (articulated):
  • SkyRail Stanchion 1
  • SkyRail Stanchion 2
  • SkyRail Stanchion 3
  • SkyRail Stanchion 4 (designed for the SkyRaul Support #2 - not included)
  • SkyRail Stanchion 5 (designed for the SkyRaul Support #3 - not included)
  • SkyRail Floatation Stanchion
  • Bolted Wooden Beam
  • Triple Bolted Wooden Beam
  • Truck Tire, Chain and Mount
  • SkyRail Mooring Post (dumb prop)
  • SkyRail Horn Mooring Cleat 1 (dumb prop)
  • SkyRail Horn Mooring Cleat 2 (dumb prop)
  • Stanchion Climbing Rung
  • Stanchion Climbing Rungs
  • SkyRail Float2 for Flotation Stanchion (Smart Prop)
  • Four different Smart Prop Beams for SkyRail Stanchion #4 (adjust positioning as required for your scenes)
    Mat Poses:
  • Three SkyRail Floatation Material Poses Metal, Painted and Painted Dirty
  • Two SkyRail Float #2 Floatation Material Poses Painted and Painted Dirty

    File locations like all AtoZ SkyRail Exterior Models:
  • Figures in: Runtime>Libraries>Character>TJM>Construction>Massive 1 PLUS>SkyRail PLUS>SkyRail Exterior
  • Props in: Runtime>Libraries>Props>TJM>Construction>Massive 1 PLUS>SkyRail PLUS>SkyRail Exterior

Files in the usual AtoZ places ... that is TJM>Construction>Massive 1 Plus> directories...
Copyright 2014 Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc. aka: Tiger9166 & AtoZ

License file included.

Note: Photos, Buildings, Characters, Props, 3D Terrains, Vehicles, Tunnels and any other items seen in the Product Images and videos that are NOT listed in the PDF file in the readme's are NOT included!