AtoZ Massive Octagonal VII High Deck Elevator PLUS v1 by Tiger9166


AtoZ Massive Octagonal VII High Deck Elevator PLUS v1 by Tiger9166
Have to get down from the Massive Octagonal High Decks in a Massive Octagonal Tunnel? Then this is a SUPER addition for your AtoZ Massive's Collection! This set includes both Staircases, an "operational" High Deck Elevator, a special articulated SkyRail Transport and Cargo Access Panel AND Half and full High Deck End Railings!
OK, so why an elevator? Well, like maybe you want to get a wheeled robot up to or down from a high deck? Yeah, this will work! (See the Promo Video LoRes in the Promotional Images for this product or see the full HD Version at Yes, it's the same video!
Now sure it takes some magic invisible mechanisms that are hidden where no one (not even me) can see them to "operate" the Elevator and the Access Panel, but they are cool! ... The Elevator has lots of gates and handy BODY Parameter dials to operate them and the Access Panel slides and folds to about anywhere you might want to store it!
SO, you get some really cool stuff and it all makes the Massive Octagonal Sets come to life!
Last product I hinted at what might be coming next ... So, I'll do it again ... Coming soon the the AtoZ Store at Content Paradise, a CURVED SkyRail for the Massive Octagonal BIG/long 90 AND special loads for the SkyRail Transport and the SkyRail Cargo Container AND a Specialized Truck ... Think railroad train ... Box Car has one "truck" at each end that pivot to allow it to make the curves! ... Yeah that's coming in the near future ... Reading this in the future? It's gonna be available then! ...
Retail price ... Retail $28.75 ... almost always on sale ...
You Get All This!
  • Default sets for Massive Octagonal
  • !Preload of the SkyRail Access Plate with Access Plate Rails
  • Massive Octagonal High Deck Elevator
  • Massive Octagonal High Deck Access Plate
  • Massive Octagonal High Deck Staircase 1
  • Massive Octagonal High Deck Staircase 2
  • Smart MO SkyRail Access Plate Rails
    Poses: (Materials)
  • Default, Dirty, Rusty and Steampunk for all above

    File locations like all AtoZ Massive Octagonals:
  • Figures in: Runtime>Libraries>Character>TJM>Construction>Massive 1 PLUS>Massive Octagonal
  • Props in: Runtime>Libraries>Props>TJM>Construction>Massive 1 PLUS>Massive Octagonal
Also includes the "standard" Massive Octagonal Camera Sets

Files in the usual AtoZ places ... that is TJM>Construction>Massive 1 Plus> directories...
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License file included.

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