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AtoZ Roads To Nowhere I v1 from Tiger9166
Ever look down a path or road and wonder, "What's down there?" Because I have for several years I have been collecting a series of photos of them using my Canon 60D with 28-135mm USM 4-5.5 lens. These photos are un-retouched and have been taken in the fall, winter, spring, and summer in Northeastern Ohio. This the first of sets of "Roads to Nowhere". I have resized them to a Poser comfortable 3000 x 2000 pixels and have included a one sided 2D Plane on which you can fit them. I hope these will find there way into your creations in many ways. Enjoy!
Retail Pricing in 19.95 introductory or sale price ...
Includes a Poser Runtime with one Image on the Plane as a character Runtime>Libraries>Character>TJM>2D Billboards.

Note: In order to give the photo a "Jump out at you look" as seen in the promo pic, I did use a higher than usual Bump anmount for an AtoZ product. So, if you change from a direct light on the plane you will need to lower the Bump amount in the Materials Room quite a bit to maintain image quality.

Copyright 2014 Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc. aka: Tiger9166 & AtoZ

License file included. Note: Photos, Buildings, Characters, Props, 3D Terrains, Vehicles, Tunnels and any other items seen in the Product Images and videos that are NOT seen in the PDF file in the readme's directory are NOT included!