Lizard Man Grunt


Cold blooded, killing machines, grunts are the Lizard Men warrior's vanguard. Never known to back down from a fight and ready to take down any Poser character ready to battle them. Sculpted start to finish in ZBrush, textured with a combination of ZBrush, Photoshop and Quixel Suite, this is a creature you need in your runtime. The Lizard Man Grunt includes 27 facial morphs, a sword prop, a shield prop, and a loincloth conforming prop. Detail is achieved via normal maps and subdivision is supported but not active by default. The character renders wonderfully and the props render great in HDRI scenes (like those using Baggins Bill's Environment Sphere for example) and raytraced scenes with items that can be reflected in the background. Don't delay! Get your copy now! *All images rendered using no lights with Baggins Bill's Environment Sphere tied to an HDRI image as the only light source. * you can find the free environment sphere here: