AtoZ DetailTime Cubicles 1 v1 from Tiger9166
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AtoZ DetailTime Cubicles 1 v1 from Tiger9166
PLEASE CHECK OUT THE PROMO VIDEO! ... then read this! ...

Talk about AWESOME ... How about Cubicles designed for a paranoid office space! What do I mean? Well, in book one "Way Ststion II" of the trilogy that I haven't finished, Grom (ref. AtoZ Hassive Goes Huge Security Building) is Commander Gromitovitch, the corrupt and evil head of Way Station II Security. No wonder Josie (ref. that promo material for the additional Add-On's for that set) is so worried about being "chipped" and becomeing Grom's Slave. Anyhoe, in Grom's Security building, everybody is watching everybody because the work station cubicles are open open open. No privacy!

So what is so awesome?! Cubicle #4! This set comes with four "cubicles" plus marble corners and dividers. Cubicle #4 is highly articulated CHECK OUT THE VIDEO! Rather than adding postwork to a clear desk top, either use the included example Desktop items ... or use the included templates to make youe own sub-surface items. All of these (as seen in the video) can be resized down to hidden and can be moved left - right - forward - back (plus the to "dial controls" can be spun clockwise and counter-clockwise ... Plus the "keyboard" cna be resized from left to right as well!

Please watch the video to see all these functions! And, be sure to look for the three cool add-on vertically sliding smart-prop screens for the vertical "video pane" of Cubicle #4 available as a separate item! ... It should be available for free! And it adds another layer of cool functionality!
REGULAR RETAIL PRICE $29.95 ... check out the Low Introductory and often on sale low price! If you add this to your 3D Collection, thank you in advance!
This Set includes:
  • Cubicle #1 - Rectangular Large Marble Desktop that like all the rest of these cubicles can be adjusted in the vertical and have two desktop supports that can be "slid" sideways so that the the next cubicle can be placed desktop to desktop (hint: Hide one post and extenion and one leg and extension to add realism)
  • Cubicle #2 - Marble top with curved "operator cutout" and articulated features
  • Cubicle #3 - Translucent with curved operator cutout and articulated features
  • THE WOW! - Cubicle #4 Base - Translucent articulated desktop with two "control" dials, one keyboard, three small notes, two large pages and a wide Notification "screen" See them move in the Video.
  • Add-On - Cubicle #4 PLUS - Cubicle 4 loaded with the Optional Cubicles Add-On#1* - with its three screens for the vertical "video" Panel - Will not work correctly without this set!
  • Cubicle Corner #1
  • Cubicle Corner #2
  • Cubicle Corner #3
  • Divider #1
  • Divider #2

    Files in: Geometries - Runtime>Geometries>TJM>Construction
  • Textures - Runtime>Textures>TJM>Construction
  • Figures - Runtime>Libraries>Character>TJM>Construction>Massive 1 Plus>Office
  • Props - Runtime>Libraries>Props>TJM>Construction>Massive 1 Plus>Smart>Smart Office
  • Template(s) File - Templates>TJM>Massive 1 Plus
Also License and Read Me files are included in Readme's>TJM>Massive 1 Plus
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License file included.
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