Post-Apocalypse Backgrounds Volume 1


About Post-Apocalypse Backgrounds Volume 1

Post-Apocalypse Backgrounds Volume 1 is a set of images that you can use to create your own original images. This set contains images containing post apocalypse themes, ruined cities, desolation and more.


  • 24 1200 x 800 jpg images
  • Art License [backgrounds]


The base license of this product allows the backgrounds to be used in still or animation 2D images according to the included license.

The Professional version of this license also allows the backgrounds to be used for Real Time Playback (for example, to be loaded as backgrounds in games when the game is being executed).

Backgrounds for Poser

Using these backgrounds in Poser is EASY. Just go to the item and select Background. If you have already set your render size to 1200 x 800, then if asked to change the render size, select NO. Make your ground invisible too.