AtoZ Massive Series SkyRail Transport v1 from Tiger9166
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AtoZ Massive Series SkyRail Transport v1 from Tiger9166
Whoooosh! Whoooosh! Yep! They're moving troops to the Airlock Exit of Portal #1 ... Opening the air lock and sending those poor blighters out to do battle! And, its probably happening at the other end of the complex too! Lucky you, you're on the Command Center Security Team so you'll be staying indoors!

Whoosh! There goes another SkyRail Transport overhead. Twin rails head either way to the Station and Turntable Decks at the opposite ends of the rails. They say that the SkyRail crews are getting really good at loading and unloading the passengers at the Station Decks and then slipping the transports forward catpuring them on the Turntable Decks, unhooking, dropping and rotating them so the transport is ready to head back the other way on the opposite rail they arrived on.
This Massive Series SkyRail Transport System Set can be used best as an add on, or, of course, you're free to use it anyway you want in your facilities and renders!

Includes: Highly Articulated the Turntable Deck's "capture" plate rotates, rises up and down and travels left and right to line up a Transport on another rail ... Be sure to watch the Videos to see it in action. This deck like the Station Deck has four doors that swing open either way and each has an "operable" door handle to lock and unlock it!

Then there's the SkyRail Transport itself. WOW! The Lev Hooks on the Top Plate open so that the Turntable can do its work. And, the Security Bars Rotate to allow all passengers to step out for their seats at the Station Deck (Controls on the "BODY"). OR, you can travel the overhead rails to a Massive High Deck Bridge, lower a single seat (Post#2 of any seat) and then a current passenger has to hop down and a new passenger can hop up then be raised up for travel along the SkyRails.

AND, the arm rests raise and lower and even open and close for passenger comfort.

All in all, this is THE WAY to travel in a straight Massive Tunnel Complex!

Please watch all the videos! ... Sorry, but I did have to split the two movies that have sound ...
SPECIAL PRICING: Regular $39.95 ... Maybe you can grab one on sale! Supplies Limited! ... If you add this set to your Massive Collection, may we thank you in advance! AtoZ ...
    This Massive Series Set Includes:
    • Figures:
    • SkyRail Rail 1 (All these figures default load to "fit" default load of the Mssive 5 Portal Tunnel number 1 and two are for a two rail system - see Scenes!)
    • SkyRail Rail 2
    • Fully Articulated SkyRail Transport Only 1
    • Fully Articulated SkyRail Transport Only 2
    • Fully Articulated SkyRail Transport (Includes One SkyRail and One Transport)
    • Fully Articulated SkyRail Turntable Deck ... Loads to fit into a Massive Topside Half Tunnel (not included)!
    • Fully Articulated SkyRail Station DeckDeck ... Loads to fit into a Massive Topside Half Tunnel (not included)!
    • Props:
    • Optional Seat Back Cushions for you to position as you like
    • Optional Seat Cushion like above for you to enjoy
    • Pose:
    • Transport Materals Pose (includes Rails)
    • Scenes:
    • SkyRail Twin Rail System ... Ready for you to load the Massive 5 Portal Tunnel (IF you own it). Then parent both rails to the Tunnel's BODY before you move it.

    Files in:
  • Scenes>TJM>Massive 1 plus
  • Runtime>Geometries>TJM>Construction
  • Runtime>Textures>TJM>Construction
  • Runtime>Libraries>TJM>Character>TJM>Construction>Massive 1 Plus
  • Runtime>Libraries>TJM>Props>TJM>Construction>Massive 1 Plus>Smart
  • Runtime>Libraries>TJM>Pose>TJM>Construction>Massive 1 Plus

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