Fighting Eagle


He is a warrior born and bred.

He is one with Nature and the Spirits.

The head was custom morphed to give Fighting Eagle a unique yet realistic look. The photorealistic touch we give makes Fighting Eagle the most genuine looking male character we have ever done.

With various hair styles and clothes he can work perfectly in any type of artwork.

In this package you'll find:

- INJ Fighting Eagle Body
- REM Fighting Eagle Body
- INJ Fighting Eagle Head
- REM Fighting Eagle Head
- MAT Fighting Eagle
- INJ Genitals M4
- REM Genitals M4
- MAT Genitals M4
- Extra MAT for M3 Genitals
- 4 MAT Eye colors
- 8 MAT Face

Included in this pakage are three special smart props: 1 Armband and 2 Earrings.

Each prop comes with several MAT files:

- 3 MAT for Armband

- 7 MAT for Earrings

Extra MAT file for M3 Genitals.

High detailed textures included with bump maps and specular to give to this character an extremely accurate and realistic look.