Maco Shark (for Poser)


Isurus is a genus of mackerel sharks in the family Lamnidae, commonly known as the mako sharks. There are two living species, the common shortfin mako shark and the rare longfin mako shark, and several extinct species known from fossils. They range in length from 9 to 15 feet, and have an approximate maximum weight of 1,750 lbs. The Lamnidae family also includes sharks such as the great white shark and porbeagle.

In 1998, a group of shark biologists and researchers befriended a shortfin mako shark for several hours, then attempted to touch its snout while it was feeding. At first it rolled its eyes back protectively, but after further attempts by the crew, it did not retreat or roll its eye. The researchers were funded by the Discovery Channel for an episode in Shark Week, entitled "Mako shark, A Smart Shark?".

The model comes with 29 poseable body parts:
  • Full ERC for morphs & bodyparts on the bodytab
  • ERCs for: Mouth, Eyes, Upper&Lower Jaw, Teeth, Tonge, Fins, Backfins, Tail, FBM
  • In total 9 Head morphs
  • Poseable Eyes
  • EasyPose body
  • EasyPose tail
  • Two FullBodyMorphs: BigBoy, Longtail - Shorttail

    Completely UV Mapped.

    Included are:
  • 6 Texture Pose Files
  • Texture maps:
  • Texture jpg Files:
  • 3 texmaps: blue, grey, bumpmap
  • 1 templatemap