AtoZ Security Computer Terminal from Tiger9166
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AtoZ Security Computer Terminal from Tiger9166
They only have one chance to get the three out of stasis. If the access codes are wrong we'll never be able to get to safety, but we know we've got to get Alice 1,2 and 3 and get out of here fast.

Into the lab OK... Tap the code on the floor panel and wait... There's a rumbling under the floor, the access cover slides back with a a rough grating, scraping sound... It's heavy. Then the armored iris opens and we get our first look at the covered computer terminal below, then with hissings and groans, it moves upward to us. Below we can see that it was on a metal grating and one wall of its chamber has a circulation fan. We note that that might make an emergency exit if our escape plans A and B fail.

After the terminal reaches waist high the cover opens and we see the odd keyboard we told about... The moment of truth is upon us as the cover over the GLaDOS's Forbin keyboard and handprint ID screen are exposed. We say a silent prayer and enter the code we were given... We have to access the god-mode because we don't have a handprint that would give us access... Wish us luck!

Be sure not to miss the youtube video at:
This retro Security Computer Terminal comes with it's accompanying flooring. One piece holed for the terminal's floor mounted housing. One plate without a hole and a figure made from eight full floors that "surround" the "holed" terminal floor piece.

The Security Unit is fully articulated from sliding floor plate, opening iris and hydraulic lifting post all the way to it's "operable" keyboard and its twin actuators.

You will find four different texture sets: one with a boring logon screen, a "fun" log on screen, the access granted screen and the one no one want to see, the self-destruct screen. Please read these and the sticky note on your left. BTW: The terminal model .obj is very, to say the least, multi-layered! And, the texture set for it are VERY HiRes.

There is also a 810 frame animated pose included and a pressing the button V4 Pose as well.

Let your creativity run wild and enjoy this cool security terminal.
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  • !Preload of the Terminal with its Holed Floor Metal
  • Rusty !Preload of the Terminal with its Holed Floor
  • Steampunk !Preload of the Terminal with its Holed Floor
  • Security Computer Terminal Metal (a bit Retro, kind a cross of a Tandy Model II and the early IBM PC)
  • Rusty Security Computer Terminal
  • Steampunk Security Computer Terminal
  • Terminal Floor Metal eight times over with a hole for the holed floor (Fits around the !Preload)
  • Rusty Terminal Floor Metal eight times
  • Steampunk Terminal Floor Metal eight times
  • Metal Holed Security Floor (dumb prop)
  • Metal Holed Security Floor Metal(smart prop)
  • Rusty Holed Security Floor (dumb prop)
  • Steampunk Holed Security Floor (dumb prop)
  • Full Metal Floor Plate
  • Full Rusty Floor Plate
  • Full Steampunk Floor Plate
  • Multi-Prop Full Metal Security Floor 8Xs
  • Multi-Prop Full Rusty Security Floor 8Xs
  • Multi-Prop Full Steampunk Security Floor 8Xs
  • Smart fix for the Terminal's hole (Why? Don't ask! YES, this is already loaded in the figures and preloads! :)
  • Simple login screen
  • Fun login screen
  • Access granted screen
  • Mat Pose Security Terminal Metal
  • Mat Pose Security Terminal Rusty
  • Mat Pose Security Terminal Steampunk
  • You blew your entry sequence now things are going to blow up warning screen
  • 810 frame Animation Sequence used in making the video her and the one on youtube (see above)
  • V4 Pose "pressing the button"
    Materials: for the Floor Props (& Floor Figures... Use the Mat Poses for the Terminal)
  • SC Term Floor Metal
  • SC Term Floor Steampunk
  • SC Term Floor Rusty
  • Full Term Floor Metal
  • Full Term Floor Steampunk
  • Full Term Floor Rusty

    Files in all the usual TJM places:
  • Runtime>Geometries>TJM>Misc
  • Runtime>Textures>TJM>Misc
  • Runtime>Libraries>Character>TJM>Misc
  • Runtime>Libraries>Pose>TJM>Misc
  • Runtime>Libraries>Materials>TJM>Misc>SCT Floors
  • Runtime>Libraries>Props>TJM>Misc (and Smart)

This set goes GREAT with all the other AtoZ SteamPunk and other Sets! Especially the Interior, Exterior and Massive ones. However you choose to utilize this HUGE set... Thank you in advance should you purchase one! -------------------------------------- Copyright 2014 Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc. aka: Tiger9166 & AtoZ License file included. Note: Photos, Buildings, 3D Terrains, Vehicles and other items seen in the Product Images that are NOT listed above are NOT included! So, this set only includes the AtoZ files contained in the Directories listed above.