Debbie is a fully rigged character compatible with Anime Studio 8 or newer. She is created in the design style of Total Drama Island.

Switch layers for mouth include: AI, O, E, WQ, U, etc, L, MBP, FV, and rest. There is also a bone on the mouth switch layer that allows the animator make her smile or frown. All mouth shapes have the same number of points, so you may use the "Interpolate sub-layers" option.

There is a bone attached to the eyes to make moving them easier (expand the head layer -- use the Translate Bone tool). Additionally, bones are attached to eyelids on either side of the head.

Debbie comes with a walk cycle in the form of an action. Open the actions panel and right-click "Walk" to insert it into the timeline.

All files are delivered in a single .zip file.