Vampire Amber


Add some spice to your scary movies. Vampire Amber is the third entry in the Amber series, and is a fully rigged character compatible with Anime Studio 9.5 or newer. The character uses the new rigging features of version 9.5 so is not compatible with older versions of Anime Studio. This model was developed witn Anime Studio Pro 9.5 but should be compatible with debut also.

Switch layers for mouth include: AI, O, E, WQ, U, etc, L, MBP, FV, and rest
switch layers for hands include: open, point, two finger, fist, thumbs up, and claw. The handNear switch layer also includes backside versions of these poses.

Vampire Amber is rigged with smart bones that control her eyes, eyebrows, mouth (smile/frown), and head turning. The smile/frown affects the "rest" mouth position only. The "control labels" layer is set to not render during final animation.

She also has two additional Vampire controls: "Hair" changes her hair color from blonde to black, and "Eyes" changes her eye color from green to scary.

Bone dynamics have been applied to her hair and breasts so that they move without additional animator input.

Vampire Amber comes with a walk cycle in the form of an action. Open the actions panel and right-click "Walk" to insert it into the timeline.

All files are delivered in a single .zip file.