Diavolina Miki4


Lil devil Diavolina, terrible and sexy!

A new diabolic girl for Miki4 with two different morphs, one for the human girl and one with her face and body totally transformed to be devilish. There is no need for extra morphs, here you'll find all you need.

In this package you'll find:

- INJ Diavolina Head Human
- REM Diavolina Head Human
- INJ Diavolina Head Demon
- REM Diavolina Head Demon
- INJ Diavolina Body
- REM Diavolina Body
- INJ Diavolina Lashes
- REM Diavolina Lashes
- INJ Demon Spine
- REM Demon Spine
- MAT Diavolina Human
- MAT Diavolina Demon
- MAT Lashes Black
- MAT Lashes Red
- 5 MAT Eye colors
- 5 MAT Face Human
- 5 MAT Face Demon
- 5 MAT Lips Human
- 5 MAT Lips Demon
- 5 MAT Lips Human Glossy
- 5 MAT Lips Demon Glossy

Plus included a smart prop Horns with 3 differnt MAT files